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The Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong is still developing and growing. It needs your involvement! If you want to contribute, collaborate, or educate, please get in touch and become a member!

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All current directors of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong.

Bryan Cheung
Clifford Choi
Olga Kochmar
  • Foster and promote Bitcoin and its technology in Hong Kong.
  • Educate all stakeholders, private, public, and government about the benefits and risks of Bitcoin and its technology.
  • Be a reliable, trusted and accessible resource for the local and international Bitcoin community.
The Bitcoin Association Hong Kong stems from a group of people who started to discuss and promote Bitcoin in Hong Kong in the summer of 2012. As the group of people and Bitcoin grew the enthusiasts began to formalize and organize themselves to further promote the use of Bitcoin and related technologies in Hong Kong.
Please contact us for media inquiries. Logos and graphics suitable for publication are available in our press kit.

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