Amir Taaki on the DarkTech Renaissance

The original dream of cryptocurrency exposing power, replacing finance and ushering new forms of social organization is yet to materialize. Faced with this failure, instead of reorientating their strategy, crypto orgs keep throwing ever huger amounts of capital, leading to massive corruption and misallocation of capital. It is unsustainable.

What possibilites exist in the market today? How can we leverage black markets such as Venezuela or Syria for spreading cryptocurrency? What can we do differently? The crypto orgs today are simply doing random things. They lack any coherent strategy. They cannot connect the dots, and are purely focused on mechanisms and techniques.

This talk will also explore anonymization techniques to create anonymous crypto-systems and solve scalability. These systems can create markets which empower humans to work together at scale and solve the centralizing problems of corporations and the state.

The paradigm of computing has not changed in over 50 years. Devices have become faster and smaller, but are stuck on a linear path. The paradigm has become stagnant and is desperate for reinvention.

We need to create a modern paradigm of technology as more than consumer products, but as integral social infrastructure. For this we must create the idea of the renaissance hacker and spread our philosophy through a system of academies which train people in sports, philosophy and technology. These centers serve as generative centers of thought and invention. And the concepts we create, must then be turned into practical products which serve a market need and bring income to expand our mission.

Our goal is to develop the platform that will deliver the dark economy by leveraging emerging anonymous techniques for innovative decentralized & dark financial products. We are firmly committed to transitioning humanity to the non-state ethical-philosophical paradigm through markets and technology.

Speaker: Amir Taaki Amir has spent 15 years as an open source developer and systems dev specializing in async and crypto algorithms. He currently works on anonymous mix nets and crypto wallets. He created the first alt implementation of Bitcoin with the fastest blockchain, was the lead for Electrum in 2011, created Dark Wallet, started the Bitcoin BIP process and founded a UK Bitcoin exchange which had the 2nd biggest market by volume in 2012 before it was forcibly closed by the banks.