How the Blockchain tells a story

Today at our “Plug and Pay” event we made a total of 46 Bitcoin transactions, handing out 0.0185 Bitcoin to each of the 16 paying participants. 15 drinks were sold for bitcoin (later drinks were handed out for free).

The entire event was tracked on the blockchain, which now nicely tells the story of what happened.

At 18:47 I transfer 1 Bitcoin to my newly created bitcoin wallet.

At 18:50 we make a test transaction to a volunteer, followed by loading the wallets of two volunteers.

At 19:36 the first payment of 0.0185 Bitcoin is made to a participant, followed by 15 other payments. One volunteer (1DvYkZ498hNbxechcoQ8m79E7jxSWGyEbc) handed out bitcoins to nine people, another (1PtGUoKmhCGKaN4cZdRqzSptJXxh3eMoT3) to four people, a third to (1MkzkJd9tpi1CSM91mUCuEy9WQcCxmwuZD) three people.

At 19:50 the bar received their first payment for a drink at address 1KBLXJBHJNQxd5YdwJ4VGsUk2YVTvt7Nwf.

At around 9pm the volunteers send their bitcoins back to the original address, a total of 0.8236 Bitcoin have never left the building while visitors took 0.1764 Bitcoin home with them (a small amount was also used on transaction fees). At 2:18 in the morning of the next day our wallet 1DvYkZ498hNbxechcoQ8m79E7jxSWGyEbc is emptied out.